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Consultancy System Design & Installation

From high-end boardrooms through to international videoconferencing networks, and everything in between.

Corp BR 10Ideas Ahead has offered the leading edge technology available for meeting and boardrooms. Our people have designed and implemented systems from high-end boardrooms through to international videoconferencing networks and everything in between.

This experience in system design is invaluable when liaising with clients and their contractors to establish their exact requirements and expectations of a new audio visual system, be it for a classroom or an up-market corporate reception area.

Often as companies grow and their requirements change they are left with systems with different equipment which was supplied and maintained by different companies. Ideas Ahead can advise on how best to rejuvenate or repurpose these systems to make your investment in hardware function in to the future, at the same time we will maintain and support them centrally.

Our approach to system design is a consultative one;

We are experts in audio-visual technologies and explicitly understand what is required to enable the facilities and functionality expected by our clients. But in order to specify the correct components for a complex system we must listen carefully to the client to see what it is they are hoping to achieve and how going forwards they want to use their new facilities.

Through careful listening and our own experiences of other projects it is possible to pick-up a solid understanding of what the client would like to do. Often clients have an idea in mind of what they would like, based on what they have seen done elsewhere. Our role is to inform of what new technologies have recently become available and how we can simplify the operation of such systems and provide value.

Working consultatively and building an open team relationship, rather than a client – vendor relationship we can get to the root of the requirement and design a system which fulfils the client's requirement and budget. Ideas Ahead has worked very successfully in this manner in Bangalore, India where the consultancy document has gone forward to form both the Function Design Specification and Request for Tender documentation.

The consultancy documentation can then be used to check the system specification is as required. On occasion we may be requested to provide a third party sign off on completion of the installation and testing by others.

On most occasions Ideas Ahead will submit a tender response for guide pricing at the time of writing the specification. If your organization could use our services please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your requirements.