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Command & Control Centers

Command & Control / Emergency Response Centers; 'Information Rich' Environments

CC 04Informed decision making is key to the successful handling of an incident. Often however, the expertise and reference material required to make decisions, is spread-out not just geographically, but also between organizations.

Ideas Ahead specifies and installs systems, which allow the clear communication of ideas between incident handlers and the secure sharing of information with authorized external parties.

The 'information rich' environment enabled by our systems allows the incident to be handled using whichever emergency management model best suits the situation. Unified, central command is facilitated by having all the known facts available to the management team to decide upon the course of action. Distributed command can be affected, whilst keeping all parties informed and minimizing time-consuming duplication of effort.

Fast, informed decisions minimize the cost to your organization, whilst reducing the impact on the environment and in many cases saving lives.


  • Emergency Response Centers
  • Incident & Disaster Recovery Rooms
  • Command and Control Centers
  • Incident Training Facilities


  • Data Access & Sharing
  • Videoconferencing
  • Interactive Information Displays
  • Room Control Systems
  • Data & Voice Encryption
  • IP & ISDN Bandwidth Provision

Our expertise in using technology can greatly improve the flow of accurate information during an incident, enabling you to make informed decisions on how best to resolve the situation.

Having supported both real incidents and training exercises, we have seen first hand how incidents are managed, and have gained a fundamental understanding of the processes involved. This enables us to consult knowledgeably on how technology can be employed to facilitate the response to an emergency. In the design of our systems, we are sympathetic to the methods already in place within an organization. We take great care to ensure that our systems facilitate communication and expedite the decision making process, without unnecessary complication or procedural change.

Collaborative systems ensure that accurate, pertinent information can be shared with experts and interested parties, securely - without compromising confidentiality. Broadband data- and video-conferencing allows information to be distributed globally, with mobile/satellite communications covering undeveloped regions, or in situations where local telecommunications are unavailable.