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A corporate boardroom is the pinnacle of an organization's meeting rooms.

Corp BR 1Used to conduct meetings with the most important partners and clients, the boardroom must represent the company in the best light possible. The whole environment should reinforce the company's status and should reflect the sector the company operates within.

Media companies, legal firms or technology sector businesses will all require a different approach to the setting out of a boardroom. Clients will have an image in mind of what qualities they would like to see in an ideal partner / supplier organization. Legal firms might want to use oak paneled walls with hidden audio visual technology to cast an image of a stable and long established company, whilst media companies would opt for a more informal, modernist approach with technology on display, to give the impression of an 'of the moment – cutting edge' organization.

Ideas Ahead takes all this into account when designing systems for a Boardroom. The Audio Visual technologies form a major part of the environment and are almost without exception the focal point of the meeting.

It is crucial therefore that the AV systems

  • Work reliably – every time.
  • Are easy and intuitive to operate.
  • Offer flexibility in function.
  • Create an environment and facilitate meetings, enforcing the message you are trying to convey.

There are many tools at our disposal to enable us to create an advanced and visually impacting boardroom.

Ideas Ahead is past master at creating audio visual meeting systems which will impress. The considered use of different technologies coupled with integrated control and environmental features, such as lighting design, will set the scene for a powerful and memorable presentation. It is then over to you to present your message using which ever of the facilities are appropriate for each meeting.

The technologies which should be considered for use in a Boardroom are


Rear-projection is often used in boardrooms as it presents a very clean and uncluttered solution where all of the equipment is out of sight and only the image on screen is visible. Where rear projection is not possible then ceiling mounted projection is the best option. Even front projection can be hidden away using projector hoists which keep the projector hidden in the ceiling void until it is required. Couple this with an electric projection screen and again a very clean presentation environment is possible.

Plasma / LCD

Plasma TV display and TFT flat panels are ideal when using videoconferencing in boardrooms. Their ultra slim profile, stunning video quality and image brightness make them perfectly suited to environments with high ambient light levels such as boardrooms with large windows. Crestron control

Control processors and touch panels are the glue that hold an advanced presentation system together. Offering exceptional ease of use, when programmed correctly, ensures the boardroom system will function properly and will be used often – maximizing your return on investment.


Lighting can be used to great effect to add to the drama of a meeting or to draw attention to specific areas such as a lectern or a meeting table. Integrate lighting with the control systems such as Crestron Lutron or Clipsal and the show comes alive. When you select the projector or video-conferencing from the Creston touch panel the lighting can be set to follow the display and dim to an appropriate for which ever type of meeting you are conducting.

Ideas Ahead has a designed and implemented many such boardroom systems and would welcome the opportunity to speak to you about your boardroom, whether you are looking for a new installation or updating of an existing system to add some magic.