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Meeting rooms play a vital role in the running of an organization

Corp BR 11The sales and decision-making functions carried out within meeting rooms can determine the future of your organization. Sales meetings must impress clients and reinforce your status as a cutting edge, forward-looking organization. Internal meetings must run efficiently with easy, intuitive access to information enabling informed decision making.

The need to cast a professional impression extends beyond the sales requirement. Recruiting and motivating high caliber staff members and impressing investors and partners are key to your company's success. Where, if not in meeting rooms are these goals realized? The people at Ideas Ahead have over 08 years experience in designing meeting room systems. We have seen the technology leap forward, facilitating global collaboration through data and videoconferencing. The advent of interactive whiteboards, control systems and the improvement of software are all factors which, when combined, result in truly persuasive meetings.

Display Systems

Preferred brands:

  • Mtisubishi
  • Hitachi
  • Fujitsu
  • NEC

The focal point of any meeting room is the display system. Digital projectors and Plasma screens are the most effective methods of sharing information with participants. Computer resolution, room size and ambient lighting are other factors to consider when specifying the system. Larger rooms will benefit from projection, smaller rooms, Plasma. Videoconferencing, computer data and DVD/video can all be shown on both display systems.

Interactive Whiteboards

Preferred brands:

  • SmartBoard
  • Teamboard
  • Panaboard
  • Plus
  • Polyvision

With an interactive whiteboard you can easily access, display and control computer-based information during the meeting. The presenter can stand facing the audience, control the flow of the meeting and launch other programs, annotate and capture any changes that have been made. With the functionality of both whiteboards and flipcharts, interactive whiteboards are a powerful tool when brainstorming or problem solving. Video Conferencing

Preferred manufacturers:

  • Polycom
  • Tandberg
  • Sony
  • Lifesize
  • Lifesuite

As the telecommunication networks mature they can provide an effective platform for working with colleagues, irrespective of location. The use of video conferencing for collaboration is currently the focus of much interest and development and many interesting new tools are appearing which make online collaborative projects a realistic option for distributed workgroups.

There is nothing quite like a dialogue with a person you can see and hear. Meetings using videoconferencing enable users to have the immediacy of a face-to-face conference. This includes the experience of real personalities, with the potential benefits of seeing spontaneous reactions and real savings on travel time and costs.

Control Systems

Preferred manufacturers:

  • Crestron
  • Extron

'Intuitive', 'user-friendly' and 'impressive' are terms that describe a well considered, well implemented, presentation system. Central to achieving these ideals is a control system which allows all of the components to be operated easily. This allows the presenter to concentrate on the presentation, whilst not worrying about the operation of complex and unfamiliar hardware.

Ideas Ahead experienced programmers design control interfaces which effortlessly bring to life the most complex of presentation systems.