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If you're serious about making your training more effective - you must make the most of your precious classroom time.

TR 05Delivering effective training requires making your sessions interesting and easy to understand. You need to highlight important concepts in your training materials and most crucially, keep participants focused - an increasingly difficult challenge.

You need training tools that make even the most "information-intensive" session easy to follow and which allow you to access a variety of support materials easily and intuitively. Ideas Ahead can provide systems that will allow you to annotate and capture any computer application and then save the annotations in a format which can be accessed via the Internet.

Once you have this level of functionality you can add methods that permit trainees to access the material covered in the training session on-line, resulting in a very memorable and effective training session.

Ideas Ahead has brought together software and hardware tools which will captivate your audience, allowing you to deliver your training whilst maintaining their attention.

Computer Based Training

Computer based training is now the standard which has been adopted throughout leading organisations. Even flipcharts, whiteboards and slide projectors have been replaced with electronic systems. LCD projectors, Plasma TV displays and interactive whiteboards are amongst the most widely used components. Specialist devices include 35mm slide to video converters, document cameras, computer interfacing and room control systems.

Preferred brands:

  • Infocus
  • Sanyo
  • Epson
  • NEC

Tools such as word processors, spread-sheets and the Internet are an essential part of the workplace. As a result, the great majority of training concerns are delivered using, computer systems.

An LCD / DLP projector is the most effective means of presenting or demonstrating computer-based information to a group, presenters can easily keep the attention of the group on specific material until they are ready to move forward to the next discussion topic, the projected image is a highly visible focal point for group members.

Interactive Whiteboards

Preferred brands:

  • SmartBoard
  • Teamboard
  • Panaboard
  • Plus
  • Polyvision

With an interactive whiteboard you can easily access, display and control computer-based information during training. By simply pressing its touch-sensitive surface you can control your computer applications, the Internet and other materials. If you need to draw attention to important points in a document simply pick up a pen and write over the top of the application. In addition you can save everything, including your notes and on-line information for future reference or distribution.