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What is home theatre?

HT 02'Home Theatre', also known as 'Home Cinema' systems are advanced audio visual installations for watching films and television.

Ideas Ahead designs and installs mid-range to high-end home theatre systems, taking movie watching to new levels of reality.

The purpose of home cinema is to create an exciting and immersive environment to watch films. Using either plasma displays or projectors with advanced audio systems enables the viewer to actually feel like they are surrounded by the events in the movie they are watching. A large screen reduces the peripheral visual distractions and surround sound audio lets things creep up on you from behind - greatly enhancing the feeling of realism.

Ideas Ahead designs bespoke home theatre systems.

We survey the room and consider what would be the optimum layout of screens and speakers – whilst not forgetting that these rooms are also living spaces.

Our expertise in the audio visual field enables us to specify systems which will provide the very best performance available within your budget. Whether you simply want a plasma TV with an 'off the shelf' surround sound system or a fully bespoke entertainment centre with integrated control and multi-room capability we can help you find the right product mix.

Home theatre systems generally comprise of the same key components;

  • A large screen display usually a plasma tv or projector
  • A surround sound audio system with multiple speakers and a sub-woofer
  • Video and games sources which give you something to watch and play

It is common to have DVD, VCR and Satellite or Freeview sources as well as a games system all connected to the home theatre system.

Advanced home cinema installations include control systems which allow every device, including lighting and blinds/screens, to be controlled centrally from a single remote commander. These powerful systems enable great ease of use as most of the common or repetitive functions are programmed as macros. Short cuts and user preferences are all taken into account when designing systems this advanced.