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Home automation

Home automation and lighting covers a whole host of features which can be installed in the home either as stand alone products or as part of a home theatre system.

These products include:

  • Lighting Control
  • Electric Blind and Curtain Tracks
  • Air Conditioning Control
  • Multi-room Audio with CD Libraries
  • Crestron Control

automationimg1Many of today's advanced homes already contain all kinds of automated systems, the most common of which are Lighting and Multi-room audio. Lighting and music can be set independently in each room to create different moods or for different functions.

Your dining room can be set to play classical music with mood lighting to create a dramatic setting whilst the other areas of the home can be set to play different music, i.e. a games room could play a more up-beat sound track. All of this is enabled by using either hard-disk storage systems or CD libraries and lighting controllers.

Home automation

Often with a home cinema installation a central control system will be employed to simplify control of your plasma TV, DVD player and amplifier. There is no reason to stop there, the control can be extended to electric blinds and curtains. These can even be set to respond to external light sensors so as day light fades the curtains close automatically. This level of functionality provides not just luxury but also security, suppose you are on holiday or away on business. It would be nice to think that your home does not look deserted – by automating your lighting and curtains it will look like you are still at home even when you are thousands of miles away.

Lighting control

automationimg2Lighting control enables you set the scene to suit your mood. Colored LED lighting can be used to create

fantastic color washes and rainbow effects which will leave your friends awe-struck at parties. Garden and terrace lighting lends intrigue and beauty to your outside spaces, making them appealing even at night.

Home automation can also give you peace of mind. The installation of security web cameras can enable you to monitor what is happening at home, or receive e-mail alerts with photos if movement is detected while you are away. Even the old aching feeling of 'did I leave the iron on' can be resolved by automating control of mains electrical power throughout your home.