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What is multi-room Audio?

multi_roomimg1'Multi-room systems enable audio and video sources to be viewed in different parts of the house at the same time. For example you could put a DVD on in the living room and have it playing in both the dining room and the kitchen. Add to this an audio system you could play your favorite album in you bedroom and have it also play while you take a bath. The real benefits of multi-room systems are you only require on Sky Subscription and decoder, one DVD player and you can put all you CD's in CD Jukebox and access them from anywhere in you home.

The world of multi-room audio and home theatre has so many possibilities; you can customize your systems to do as little or as much as you want. Digital video streaming, hard disk audio servers and wireless internet access are just some of the advanced options which can be installed.

Multi room audio installation

Multi Room Audio brings high fidelity sound to every room of your home, with your choice of music source, such as CD, Digital Radio or DVD. Each room will bring the music you want, at the volume you want, independently of the other rooms. All this from one high quality central system, with no loss of sound quality.

Ideas Ahead are designers and installers, working with customers to bring the system You want into your home or establishment. We have years of experience working with domestic customers, architects, and contractors, and have developed systems to suit vast applications and a wide range of sizes.

We will take your project in the direction you require. Our designers will work around your home, budget, and requirements, and can integrate with your other systems. Contact us describing your requirements and we will advise. We have years of experience in fulfilling the needs of our clients.

What are the advantages of a multi room sound systems?

Quality sound is brought to every room. There is no longer the need to listen to the little stereo hanging off the shelf in your kitchen. The sound of your thumping living room system is brought to you while to cook, wash, study, or where ever you are in your home. The cost savings over installing a high quality sound system in every room is obvious. A wall mounted touch panel controls each room without the need for equipment. The central sound system is conveniently located in a single discrete place within the home. Multi room audio brings practicality, prestige, and full audio automation to your home.

Will we take care of commercial applications?

Ideas Ahead have experience working with architects, engineers, and contractors in commercial and domestic applications on a vast range of sizes. Please contact us with an outline of your requirements so that we may advise.

How will the system look once installed?

Our installation team is experienced in creating a wondrous audio atmosphere in your home. Cables and wiring is normally hidden into walls, speakers are wall or ceiling mounted, and keypads can be remote or recessed into the wall. Installations are clean, using minimal space, and maximal audio fidelity.

What features could my audio system achieve?

Your system can function as a CD Library and multi room audio system allowing your CDs to be played by artist, genre, or playlist, without the need to manually change disks. We are able to produce a fully automated system which will even control your home lighting and curtains!